Hexham Golf Club

Hexham Golf Course
Course Open

Winners - M Gray, T Lackenby, P Howard & K Robinson (Consett, Matfen Hall, & Longhirst) 89 points Vouchers £60 each

2nd J Coulthard, M Jones, S Coulthard & L Jones (Carlisle) 84 points (on countback)  Vouchers £45 each

3rd D Gray, S Porter, J O'Brien & P Mitchell (Penrith & Aplpleby) 84 points  Vouchers £30 each

4th T O'Malley, P Joice, A Digirilamo & D Brewis (Stocksfield & Hexham) 84 points  Vouchers £18 each

All prizes are credit vouchers for Andy Paisley's Golf Shop and are valid for one year from the date of the event.