Hexham Golf Club

Hexham Golf Course
Course Open

Winners - R Batcheler, R Foley & P Hignett (Bellingham)   86 points (on countback)  Vouchers £60 each

2nd - S Burton, J Burton & K Neill (Alnmouth & Gosforth Park)   86 points  Vouchers £40 each

3rd - S Turner, V Younger & S Coughtrie (Hexham & Whitley Bay)   83 points Vouchers £30 each

4th - E Milor, G Hall, C Fenwick (Parklands & Arcot Hall)   82 points  Vouchers £20 each

Total entry - 40 teams

All prizes are credit vouchers for Andy Paisley's Golf Shop at Hexham GC and are valid for one year from the date of the event.